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Philippine Dragon Media Network (PDMN) also known as “Feilongwang 菲龙网FLW” , was founded in 2013 as a small online news forum, tackling issues and events concerning the Chinese-Filipino community

Having received utmost support from the Chinese-Filipino Community, it has since expanded into a full scale news and current affairs website, and have become the largest and most influential Chinese online media platform in the Philippines



To deliver and disseminate the most accurate, important, and up-to- date news, hottest lifestyle, various valuable information and interesting stories to the local Chinese community, to help them be aware of the local and global events every day.

 To serve the community and promote integration of local Chinese community into the mainstream of Philippine society.


To become a righteous and credible Chinese online media that the Chinese community in the Philippines can rely on at anytime.

Worked with 100+ news agency including

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We're proud to be rated #2 on “2023 World Chinese Media New Media Influence List”

Philippine Dragon Media Network continues to be the top performing Overseas Chinese New Media Brand in the Philippines


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PDMN Nice to Meet You FIl-Chi Concert

PDMN regularly organizes activities (such as Chinese New Year Events, Mid-Autumn Festival, Sports Tournaments, Esports events, community events, and concerts etc.), so that overseas Chinese in the Philippines can have an avenue to get to know each other, help each other, and have a feeling of home

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In January 17, 2018, PDMN successfully launched Philippines’ first large-scale Fil-Chi Star Concert (Nice To Meet You Phil-Chi Star Concert) in MOA ARENA featuring top-tier Chinese singers and local Filipino singers.

Perform Artist: GEM, Zhao Chuan, Ding Dang, Da Zhuang, Yeng Constantino, Kim Chiu


In October 31, 2018, PDMN launced its 2nd large-scale Fil-Chi Concert (To Youth : Nice To Meet You Phil-Chi Star Concert) in MOA ARENA featuring top-tier Chinese singers and local Filipino singers. 

Perform Artist: Fish Leong, Alin, Fei, Bai JuGang, KZ Tandingan


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